Paul I of Russia (1754-1801)

"Paul I (Russian: Па́вел I Петро́вич; Pavel Petrovich) (1 October [O.S. 20 September] 1754 – 23 March [O.S. 11 March] 1801) reigned as Emperor of Russia between 1796 and 1801. Officially, he was the only son of Peter III and Catherine the Great, though Catherine hinted that he was fathered by her lover Sergei Saltykov.

Paul remained overshadowed by his mother for most of his life. His reign lasted four years, ending with his assassination by conspirators. He adopted the laws of succession to the Russian throne—rules that lasted until the end of the Romanov dynasty and of the Russian Empire. He also intervened in the French Revolutionary Wars and, toward the end of his reign, added Kartli and Kakheti in Eastern Georgia into the empire, which was confirmed by his son and successor Alexander I." - ( 08.11.2019)

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Husband of Maria Feodorovna (1759-1828)

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Großfürst Paul I. von RußlandZwei DoppelhenkelvasenGroßfürst Paul I. von RusslandRussische Steinschlosspistole mit Ladestock, ein Geschenk von Zar Paul I. an Fri
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