Julius Frederick, Duke of Württemberg-Weiltingen (1588-1635)

"Duke Julius Frederick of Württemberg-Weiltingen (3 June 1588 in Montbéliard – 25 April 1635 in Strasbourg), was the first duke of Württemberg-Weiltingen." - ( 24.12.2019)

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brother of John Frederick, Duke of Württemberg (1582-1628) [brother of], Louis Frederick, Duke of Württemberg-Montbéliard (1586-1631) [brother of], Sibylle Elisabeth of Württemberg (1584-1606) [sister of]

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Taler Herzog Julius Friedrichs von Württemberg-Weiltingen, 1631Doppelter Hirschgulden Herzog Julius Friedrichs von Württemberg-Weiltingen aus dHirschguldenHirschguldenHirschguldenHirschgulden
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Was depicted (Actor) Julius Frederick, Duke of Württemberg-Weiltingen (1588-1635)

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