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Didius Julianus (133-193)

"Didius Julianus (/ˈdɪdiəs/; Latin: Marcus Didius Severus Julianus Augustus; born 30 January 133 or 2 February 137 – 1 June 193) was the emperor of Rome for nine weeks from March to June 193, during the Year of the Five Emperors.

Julianus had a promising political career, governing several provinces, including Dalmatia and Germania Inferior, and successfully defeating the Chauci and Chatti, two invading Germanic tribes. He was even appointed to the consulship in 175 along with Pertinax as a reward, before being demoted by Commodus. After this demotion, his early, promising political career languished." - ( 23.11.2019)

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Was depicted (Actor) Didius Julianus (133-193)
Was depicted (Actor) Concordia (Mythology)

Commissioned Didius Julianus (133-193)
Was depicted (Actor) Didia Clara
Was depicted (Actor) Manlia Scantilla
Was depicted (Actor) Juno

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