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Constantine the Great (275-337)

"Constantine the Great (Latin: Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Augustus; Ancient Greek: Κωνσταντῖνος ὁ Αύγουστος, romanized: Kōnstantînos ho Aúgoustos; 27 February c. 272 AD – 22 May 337 AD), also known as Constantine I, was a Roman Emperor who ruled between 306 and 337 AD. Born in Naissus, in Dacia Ripensis, the city now known as Niš (Serbian Cyrillic: Ниш, located in Serbia), he was the son of Flavius Valerius Constantius, a Roman Army officer of Illyrian origins. His mother, Helena, was Greek. His father became Caesar, the deputy emperor in the west, in 293 AD. Constantine was sent east, where he rose through the ranks to become a military tribune under Emperors Diocletian and Galerius. In 305, Constantius was raised to the rank of Augustus, senior western emperor, and Constantine was recalled west to campaign under his father in Britannia (Britain). Constantine was acclaimed as emperor by the army at Eboracum (modern-day York) after his father´s death in 306 AD. He emerged victorious in a series of civil wars against Emperors Maxentius and Licinius to become sole ruler of both west and east by 324 AD." - ( 09.11.2019)

What we know


was born Niš
son of Constantius I. (250-306) [father of], Helena (Mutter Konstantins des Großen) (250-330) [mother of]
father of Gaius Flavius Iulius Valerius Crispus (305-326)
died İzmit 22.05.337 n. Chr.
was buried Church of the Holy Apostles
father of Konstantin II. (Rom) (316-340) [son of], Fausta (289-326) [mother of]
father of Constantius II (317-361) [son of], Fausta (289-326) [mother of]
father of Constans (320-350) [son of], Fausta (289-326) [mother of]


lived York 25.07.306 n. Chr.
lived Trier 306-312 n. Chr.
bridegroom Fausta (289-326) Trier 307 n. Chr.
Traveller Licinius I. (265-325 n. Chr.) Milan Februar 313 n. Chr.
Traveller Sofia 01.03.317 n. Chr.
Traveller Helenopolis April 337 n. Chr.

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Was depicted (Actor) Constantine the Great (275-337)
Commissioned Constans (320-350)

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Niš21.8961105346679700043.31916809082031000Place of birth db_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.07522
York-1.0833333730697632053.95000076293945000Place of staydb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Trier6.6413888931274410049.75666809082031000Place of stay // place of weddingdb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Milan9.1899995803833000045.46694564819336000Place of staydb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Arles4.6286110877990720043.67694473266601600Place of eventdb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Sofia23.3241500854492200042.69750976562500000Place of staydb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
İzmit29.9416675567626950040.76388931274414000Place of deathdb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.07522
Church of the Holy Apostles28.9497222900390620041.01972198486328000Burial placedb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Helenopolis29.5000000000000000040.72000122070312500Place of staydb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
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