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Constantine IV (650-685)

"Constantine IV (Greek: Κωνσταντῖνος Δ´, romanized: Kōnstantinos IV; Latin: Flavius Constantinus Augustus; c. 652 – 14 September 685), sometimes incorrectly called Pogonatos (Πωγωνάτος), "the Bearded", out of confusion with his father, was Byzantine Emperor from 668 to 685. His reign saw the first serious check to nearly 50 years of uninterrupted Islamic expansion, while his calling of the Sixth Ecumenical Council saw the end of the monothelitism controversy in the Byzantine Empire." - ( 12.12.2019)

What we know


son of Constans II (0630-0668) [father of], Fausta (630-) [mother of]
father of Justinianus II. (-711)
died 685 n. Chr.


Traveller Sicily 668 n. Chr.

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Was depicted (Actor) Constantine IV (650-685)
Was depicted (Actor) / Commissioned Constans II (0630-0668)
Was depicted (Actor) Heraclius (659-681)
Was depicted (Actor) Tiberius (659-681)

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