Konrad Wimpina (um 14-1531)

"Konrad Wimpina (Wiminae, Wiminesis; real name Konrad Koch) (b. at Buchen in Baden, about 1465; d. at Amorbach in Lower Franconia, 17 May 1531) was a German Roman Catholic theologian and humanist of the early Reformation period. He was a quiet and stubborn conservative, considered quiet but somewhat narrow. In theology he was a pupil of Martin Polich of Mellerstadt and a Thomist." - ( 31.01.2020)

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Konrad Wimpina, eigentl. KochKonrad Wimpina, eigentl. KochKonrad Wimpina, eigentl. Koch
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Was depicted (Actor) Konrad Wimpina (um 14-1531)

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