Jerome of Prague (1379-1416)

"Jerome of Prague (Jeroným Pražský in Czech, 1379 in Prague, Kingdom of Bohemia in the Holy Roman Empire – 30 May 1416 in Konstanz, Bishopric of Constance in the Holy Roman Empire) was a Czech scholastic philosopher, theologian, reformer, and professor. Jerome was one of the chief followers of Jan Hus and was burned for heresy at the Council of Constance. He is often called Hieronymus the Latin form of his first name." - ( 31.01.2020)

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Hieronymus von PragHieronymus von PragHieronymus von PragHieronymus von PragSerienmedaille auf den Theologen Hieronymus von Prag 1725
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Was depicted (Actor) Jerome of Prague (1379-1416)
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