William I of Württemberg (1781-1864)

"William I (German: Friedrich Wilhelm Karl; 27 September 1781 – 25 June 1864) was King of Württemberg from 30 October 1816 until his death.

Upon William´s accession, Württemberg was suffering crop failures and famine in the "Year Without a Summer", in 1816. After taking office, he initiated sweeping reforms, resulting in the approval of the Estates of Württemberg to a constitution on September 25, 1819. In his 48-year reign, the kingdom moved from one that was created from different denominational principalities and a heterogeneous agricultural country, into a constitutional state with a common identity and a well-organised management." - ( 10.11.2019)

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son of Frederick I of Württemberg (1754-1816) [father of], Duchess Augusta of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (1764-1788) [mother of]
Husband of Katharina Pawlowna von Württemberg (1788-1819)
father of Marie of Württemberg, Countess of Neipperg (1816-1887) [daughter of], Katharina Pawlowna von Württemberg (1788-1819) [mother of]
father of Sophie of Württemberg (1818-1877) [daughter of], Katharina Pawlowna von Württemberg (1788-1819) [mother of]

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Krone der Könige von WürttembergKönig Wilhelm I. von WürttembergTischuhr mit Darstellung König Wilhelms I. von WürttembergPorträt König Wilhelms I. von WürttembergKönig Wilhelm I. von WürttembergBlick aus dem »Palacio del Generalife« in den »Patio de la Acequia« neben der Al
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Was depicted (Actor) William I of Württemberg (1781-1864)
[Relation to person or institution] House of Württemberg

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