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Sophie von La Roche (1730-1807)

"Maria Sophie von La Roche (née Gutermann von Gutershofen; 6 December 1730 – 18 February 1807) was a German novelist. She is considered the first financially independent professional writer in Germany." - ( 03.10.2019)

What we know


mother of Maximiliane Brentano (1756-1793) [daughter of], Georg Michael Frank von La Roche (1720-1788) [father of]
was born Kaufbeuren 06.12.1730
died Offenbach am Main 15.02.1807
daughter of Georg Friedrich Gutermann Edler von Gutershofen (1705-1784) [father of], Regina Barbara Gutermann (1711-1748) [mother of]
Wife of Georg Michael Frank von La Roche (1720-1788)
Friend Christoph Martin Wieland (1733-1813)


bride Georg Michael Frank von La Roche (1720-1788) Warthausen 1754
lived Augsburg 1743
lived Biberach an der Riss 1750
fiancé Johann Ludwig Bianconi (1717-1781) 1748
lived Georg Michael Frank von La Roche (1720-1788) Mainz 1754-1762
lived Georg Michael Frank von La Roche (1720-1788) Schloss Warthausen 1762-1768
lived Georg Michael Frank von La Roche (1720-1788) Bönnigheim
lived Georg Michael Frank von La Roche (1720-1788) Speyer 1780-1786
lived Offenbach am Main 1786-1807
visitor Christoph Martin Wieland (1733-1813) Oßmannstedt 1799
has met Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) Oßmannstedt 1799
has met Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805) Oßmannstedt 1799
has met Johann Gottfried Herder (1744-1803) Oßmannstedt 1799


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Kaufbeuren10.6225004196167000047.88000106811523400Place of birth db_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.07522
Offenbach am Main8.7666664123535160050.09999847412109400Place of death // Place of residencedb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Warthausen9.7958335876464840048.12666702270508000place of weddingdb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Augsburg10.8983335494995120048.37166595458984400Place of residencedb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Biberach an der Riss9.7886114120483400048.09805679321289000Place of residencedb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Mainz8.2666664123535160050.00000000000000000Place of residencedb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Schloss Warthausen9.7942438125610350048.13178634643555000Place of residencedb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Bönnigheim9.0950002670288090049.04083251953125000Place of residencedb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Speyer8.4311113357543950049.31944274902344000Place of residencedb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Oßmannstedt11.4272222518920900051.01861190795898400Place of visit // Meeting place // Meeting place // Meeting placedb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622

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