Salian dynasty

"The Salian dynasty (German: Salier; also known as the Frankish dynasty after the family´s Salian Frankish origin and position as dukes of Franconia) was a dynasty in the High Middle Ages. The dynasty provided four German Kings (1024–1125), all of whom went on to be crowned Holy Roman Emperor (1027–1125); as such, the term Salic dynasty is also used to refer to the Holy Roman Empire of the time as a separate term.

After the death of the last Saxon of the Ottonian Dynasty in 1024, the elective titles of King of the Germans and then three years later Holy Roman Emperor both passed to the first monarch of the Salian dynasty in the person of Conrad II, the only son of Count Henry of Speyer and Adelheid of Alsace (both territories in the Franconia of the day). He was elected German King in 1024 and crowned Holy Roman Emperor on 26 March 1027." - ( 01.11.2019)

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Dynasty Agnes of Germany (1072-1143)
Dynasty Henry III (1016-1056)
Dynasty Conrad II (990-1039)
Dynasty Conrad, Duke of Lorraine (922-955)
Dynasty Otto I, Duke of Carinthia (948-1004)

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