Matilda of Swabia (989-1032)

"Matilda of Swabia (German: Mathilde von Schwaben; c. 988/989 – 29 July 1032), a member of the Conradine dynasty, was Duchess of Carinthia by her first marriage with Duke Conrad I and Duchess of Upper Lorraine by her second marriage to Duke Frederick II. She played an active role in promoting her son, Duke Conrad the Younger, as a candidate for the German throne in 1024 and to this end corresponded with King Mieszko II of Poland." - ( 01.11.2019)

What we know


daughter of Henry III (1016-1056) [father of], Agnes of Poitou (1025-1077) [mother of]
Wife of Rudolf of Rheinfelden (-1080)
Wife of Conrad I, Duke of Carinthia (975-1011)
daughter of Herman II, Duke of Swabia (-1003) [father of], Gerberga von Burgund (966-1019) [mother of]
Member Konradiner
sister of Herman III, Duke of Swabia (995-1012) [brother of], Gisela of Swabia (-1043) [sister of]
Wife of Frederick II, Duke of Upper Lorraine (-1026)
mother of Konrad II. von Kärnten (1003-1039) [son of], Conrad I, Duke of Carinthia (975-1011) [father of]
mother of Bruno (-1045) [son of], Conrad I, Duke of Carinthia (975-1011) [father of]

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