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Garrett G. Fagan (1963-2017)

"Garrett G. Fagan (15 January 1963 - 11 March 2017) was an Irish American historian and writer known for his research in the various areas of Roman history, as well as his critique of pseudoarchaeology.
Fagan was born in Dublin, Ireland and studied ancient history at Trinity College. He obtained a PhD from McMaster University, Canada. He was Professor of Ancient History at Penn State University. After receiving a diagnosis for late-stage, untreatable pancreatic cancer in November 2016, he died on March 11, 2017 at home.
Fagan´s first book Bathing in Public in the Roman World (1999) was published by the University of Michigan Press. Fagan has contributed to and edited Archaeological Fantasies (2006), a book critical of pseudoarchaeological claims." - (Wikipedia (en) 22.02.2019)

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