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Katharina Pawlowna von Württemberg (1788-1819)

Großfürstin von Russland, Königin von Württemberg.

What we know


Wife of William I of Württemberg (1781-1864)
sister of Alexander I of Russia (1777-1825)
mother of Marie of Württemberg, Countess of Neipperg (1816-1887) [daughter of], William I of Württemberg (1781-1864) [father of]
mother of Sophie of Württemberg (1818-1877) [daughter of], William I of Württemberg (1781-1864) [father of]

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Was used Katharina Pawlowna von Württemberg (1788-1819)

Was depicted (Actor) Katharina Pawlowna von Württemberg (1788-1819)
[Relation to person or institution] House of Württemberg

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