Saint Sebastian

"Saint Sebastian (c. AD 256 – 288) was an early Christian saint and martyr. According to traditional belief, he was killed during the Roman emperor Diocletian´s persecution of Christians, initially being tied to a post or tree and shot with arrows, though this did not kill him. He was, according to tradition, rescued and healed by Saint Irene of Rome, which became a popular subject in 17th-century painting. In all versions of the story, shortly after his recovery he went to Diocletian to warn him about his sins, and as a result was clubbed to death. He is venerated in the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church." - ( 08.11.2019)

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Hochaltarretabel aus der ehem. Bartholomäuskirche in Anhausen (Stadt Schwäbisch Holzskulptur: Heiliger SebastianHeiliger SebastianBatzen der Grafen Joachim und Wolfgang I. von ÖttingenHalbbatzen der Grafen Wolfgang und Joachim zu Oettingen, 1515Batzen der Grafen Wolfgang und Joachim zu Oettingen, 1516
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