Augustus II the Strong (1670-1733)

"Augustus II the Strong (Polish: August II Mocny; German: August II. der Starke; Lithuanian: Augustas II; 12 May 1670 – 1 February 1733), also known in Saxony as Frederick Augustus I, was Elector of Saxony from 1697, Imperial Vicar and elected King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania in the years 1697–1706 and from 1709 until his death in 1733.

Augustus´ great physical strength earned him the nicknames "the Strong", "the Saxon Hercules" and "Iron-Hand". He liked to show that he lived up to his name by breaking horseshoes with his bare hands and engaging in fox tossing by holding the end of his sling with just one finger while two of the strongest men in his court held the other end. He is also notable for fathering a very large number of children." - ( 06.11.2019)

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Deckelpokal mit Wappen und Monogramm Augusts des StarkenGläsgefäße aus der Reiseapotheke Augusts des StarkenEhrenmedaille der Stadt Suhl von Victor HusterEhrenmedaille der Stadt Suhl von Victor Huster
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