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Ancient Celts

"Pontic Steppe

Domestication of the horseKurganKurgan cultureSteppe culturesBug–DniesterSredny StogDnieper–DonetsSamaraKhvalynskYamnayaMikhaylovka cultureNovotitorovka cultureCaucasus

MaykopEast Asia

AfanasievoEastern Europe

UsatovoCernavodăCucuteniNorthern Europe

Corded wareBadenMiddle DnieperBronze AgePontic Steppe

ChariotYamnayaCatacombMulti-cordoned warePoltavkaSrubnaNorthern/Eastern Steppe

Abashevo cultureAndronovoSintashtaEurope

Globular AmphoraCorded wareBeakerUneticeTrzciniecNordic Bronze AgeTerramareTumulusUrnfieldLusatianSouth Asia

BMACYazGandhara graveIron AgeSteppe

ChernolesEurope" - ( 25.12.2019)

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[Relation to person or institution] Ancient Celts
Created Leuci
[Relation to person or institution] Etrusker
Was depicted (Actor) Epona
Was depicted (Actor) Diana

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