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William Woodhouse (Medailleur) (1805-1878)

"Was born in Dublin in 1805, the second son of John Woodhouse, who, having been trained in Birmingham, settled in Dublin at 35 Lower Ormond Quay as a metal button manufacturer, and died in 1836. William was educated in the Hardwicke Place School, and was afterwards apprenticed to a Mr. Halliday in Birmingham. He received a good training in drawing and designing, which enabled him to win the Duke of York’s prize from the Society of Arts for a medal of Lord Byron. As a youth he was fond of athletic sports, and was a proficient in boxing. He was also a good rider, and it is said that he rode and won a race at Doncaster for the celebrated John Mytton of Halston. Returning to Dublin he started as a medallist and seal engraver at his father’s house in Lower Ormond Quay, and in 1829 exhibited seals in the Royal Hibernian Academy. He subsequently exhibited in 1835, 1840 and 1842. In 1842 he was awarded the prize of £20, given by the Royal Irish Art Union, for a pair of dies, for his medal of the Rev. H. R. Dawson, Dean of St. Patrick’s; and in 1843 the prize of £25 for his medal of Francis Johnston. For his medal commemorative of Edward Smyth, the sculptor, he was awarded the prize of £20 in 1844. Woodhouse’s first important work was a seal for the Corporation of Brewers, and he was admitted a Freeman of their Guild. For many years he worked successfully at his profession, doing medallic work for the Royal Dublin Society, Trinity College, the Queen’s University, etc. He also executed numerous seals for public bodies, and struck several of the tokens circulated by tradesmen in Dublin and various provincial towns. In 1847 he relinquished the active practice of his profession, and took a place, Woodville, Co. Wicklow, where he chiefly resided, leaving his work to be carried on by his son John. For some time his name continued to appear on his son’s earlier works, so that his signature is found upon medals done after he had ceased work. He died on the 6th December, 1878, aged 73." -, 17.09.2017

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Created William Woodhouse (Medailleur) (1805-1878)
Was imaged Carl von Linné ()
Was imaged Georges Cuvier (1769-1832) ()