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Justina von Padua (-304)

"Justina von Padua" († um 304 in Padua) war Jungfrau und Märtyrin der frühen Kirche. Ihr Gedenktag ist der 7. Oktober. - (Wikipedia 08.10.2017)

Object-mediated relations to other actors

(The left column names relations of this actor to objects in the right column. In the middle you find other actors in relation to the same objects.)

Was imaged Justina von Padua (-304)
Was imaged Heilige Emerentiana (-304) ()
Was imaged Heiliger Maximus (580-662) ()
Was imaged Innozenz I. (Papst) (-417) ()
Was imaged Jesus Christus (4 v. Chr.-30 n. Chr.) ()
Was imaged Maria (Mutter Jesu) ()