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Publius Petronius Turpilianus (-68)

Publius Petronius Turpilianus was a Roman politician and general. He was consul in AD 61, but in the second half of that year he laid down that office and was appointed governor of Britain, replacing Gaius Suetonius Paulinus who had been removed from office in the wake of the rebellion of Boudica. In contrast to Suetonius’s punitive measures, Petronius took a conciliatory approach, and conducted few military operations. In 63 he was replaced by Marcus Trebellius Maximus, and was appointed curator aquarum (superintendent of aqueducts) in Rome. In 65 he was given a triumph, apparently for his loyalty to the emperor Nero. Following Nero’s death in 68, Servius Sulpicius Galba, governor of Hispania Tarraconensis, was named Emperor by the Senate. During his march from Spain to Rome, Galba had Petronius summarily executed (or ordered him to take his own life) as a commander appointed by Nero. He was the (adopted?) son of Publius Petronius and Plautia, sister of Aulus Plautius who was the conqueror and first governor of Britain. - (Wikipedia (en) 24.10.2017)

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Commissioned Publius Petronius Turpilianus (-68)
Commissioned Tiberius Iulius Caesar Augustus (42 v. Chr. -37 n. Chr.) ()