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Piercy Roberts (1795-1824)

"Piercy Roberts was an English publisher, printmaker, and caricaturist active between 1785 and 1824. Most of his prints are caricatures, some after his own designs and some after others such as George Moutard Woodward. He collaborated with Thomas Rowlandson on several prints, most notably a pair of portraits of Josephine Beauharnais (in the Royal Collection) and Napoleon (in the British Museum)." -, 11.08.2018 "Piercy Roberts (publisher/printer; printmaker; British; Male; 1795 - 1824; fl.) Also known as: Roberts, Piercy Address: 28 Middle Row, Holborn, London (1801-06) Biography: Caricaturist, printmaker and publisher. In 1795 was copying and engraving portraits for John Sewell, and about 1800 worked for William Holland e.g. making prints after Adam Buck. Dorothy George stated that Roberts’s publishing business ran from 1798 to 1806, but Post Office directories and the local Parish rate books clearly indicate he started up in 1801 (when he acquired bankrupt stock from James Aitken (q.v.)) and closed in 1806, when his own stock was taken over by Thomas Tegg (q.v.). Although his name is always given on prints as P. Roberts, his first name is confirmed as Piercy from a book of prose and poetry by Woodward from 1804, where Piercy Roberts of Middle Row Holborn is listed as one of the subscribers (along with Fores, Holland etc). Between 1821 and 1824, he worked for Hodgson & Co (q.v.) producing portraits signed PR or P. Roberts, and an advertisement dated 21 September 1822 (information from Horatio Blood). Bibliography: Information from Andrew Norton (March 2008) and Horatio Blood (May 2012)" -, 11.08.2018

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Printing plate produced Piercy Roberts (1795-1824)
Creation of reference George Moutard Woodward (1760-1809) ()