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Jonas Thiébaud I. (1695-1770)

Medailleur und Stempelschneider. "Thiebaud, Jonas I. (Swiss). Medallist and Engraver of coin-dies, born at Geneva in 1695. From his youth he devoted himself to die-sinking; from 1710 to 1714 he was apprenticed to Dassier at Geneva; on his return to Neuchatel, he was often employed by the Mint of Berne. From 1724 to 1733 he was working for the Count of Montfort, the Prince of Hohenzollern, and the Canton of Lucerne, for which he engraved dies for Double Ducats, Ducats, and Five Batz pieces. Later he was for three years in the service of the Ducal mint of Württemberg and from there he went to St. Gall and Appenzell. In 1740 he took an appointment as Medal-engraver to the Mint at Augsburg, where he obtained the citizenship and a pension. He engraved a great many coin-dies for Augsburg, the Elector of Bavaria, and other princes of the Empire. The date of his death is given as 1769" - Forrer, L. "Biographical Dictionary of Medallists", Bd. 6 (London 1916), S. 62-63