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Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan (646-705)
Albrecht Rieber (1912-1989)
Alexander (870-913)
Alfons Maria Schneider (1896-1952)
Andreas Evaristus Mader (1881-1949)
Athalarich (516-534)
Basil II (958-1025)
Basil I (812-886)
Christopher Lekapenos (900-931)
Constantina (Kaiserin) (560-605)
Constantinus (867-879)
Flavios Gerontios
Glassammlung Ernesto Wolf
Hans Holzwarth
Heraclius (659-681)
Heraclonas (641)
Hilderic (0457-0533)
Irene of Athens (752-803)
Johannes Tzimiskes (0924-0976)
Justinianus I. (482-565)
Justinianus II. (-711)
Justinus I. (0450-0527)
Justin II (0520-0578)
Charlemagne (747-814)
Ancient Celts
Constans II (0630-0668)
Constantine IV (650-685)
Constantine V (718-775)
Constantine VI (771-797)
Constantine VII (905-959)
Constantine VIII (960-1028)
Constantine (821-835)
Leo III. (680-741)
Leo IV. (-780)
Leo V. von Byzanz (0775-0820)
Leo VI. von Byzanz (0866-0912)
Louis the Pious (778-840)
Martina (613-641)
Maurikios (0539-0602)
Michael II. von Byzanz (770-829)
Nikephoros II. von Byzanz (912-969)
Nikephorus I. von Byzanz (760-811)
Phocas (-610)
Romanos I. von Byzanz (870-948)
Romanos II (938-963)
Sophia von Byzanz (530-601)
Staurakios (-812)
Stephen Lekapenos (920-963)
Constantine (800-820)
Theodahad (-536)
Theophilus (829-842)
Tiberius (705-711)
Tiberius (657-681)
Tiberius II Constantine (540-582)
Totila (-552)
Vitiges (-0542)
Zoe Karbonopsina